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CAB 699

High accuracy and flexibility for demanding tasks

High accuracy and flexibility for demanding tasks
High accuracy and flexibility for demanding tasks
  • Digital signal processing for high accuracy
  • Color, clearly-visible unbalance display and reliable readout
  • Ergonomic operator concept
  • Numerous software modules for universal and special balancing tasks
CAB699 has proven itself, not only in balancing of rigid rotors but also with rotors that have elastic behavior. It offers a broad application range as well as extraordinary accuracy in signal conditioning and measurement. With this unit you are able to balance at service speed, acquire measurements to evaluate the rotor behavior during run-up as well as measure vibration velocity, shape deviation or impact values as extra-cost options. Software for carrying out unbalance correction supplements this very powerful measuring system.


CAB699-H is used for horizontal hard bearing balancer, CAB699-V for vertical hard bearing balancer and CAB699-R for soft bearing balancer

Display and Input

CRT or color LCD displays unbalance amount in graphic, digit or polar format; stow-away digit diaphragm seal keyboard is used to input data;

Balancing Speed

Hard bearing balancer: 120-5000 rpm, options can be added upon request: 10-350 rpm, 40-1600 rpm, 400-40000 rpm, soft bearing balancer: 120-100000 rpm

Scope of Measurement

About 1:2000000

Time of Measurement

Less than 2-10 seconds (not counting in acceleration and braking time)

Main functions

Static or couple unbalance can be displayed separately

Display unbalance amount in component formant

After setting values are updated, calculate unbalance amount automatically

Balancing of measurement values

Various compensation functions

Self check of program storage, data storage, monitor and measurement channels

Memory shut-down

Rotor file

About 100 records of rotors for balancing can be stored and retrieved at any time. The content is saved through standby power, so that it is safe and sound even when the machine has been shut off.

Power Supply

90-250V 50/60Hz


Printing function, providing for ink jet printers

Interface, serial interface or USB interface to external PC for exchange of data

Manual and automatic orientation function

Cross circulation

Rotor feature scaling

Measurement of acceleration process

Vibration velocity measurement and frequency doubling mode

Additional data input channel

Double-machine measurement mode


2 built-in languages, combination of any two of the following: Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese

Dimensions and Weight

485*490*420, about 40 kg

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