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CAB 610

The updating product CAB590 for demanding your balancing idea

The updating product CAB590 for demanding your balancing idea
The updating product CAB590 for demanding your balancing idea 
  • Ergonomics design, Friendly interface, Powerful function
  • Better universal, better control interface, better voltage usage
  • Better Reliability, Better protect lever and less power
Product parameters  


The sensor input interface is application for all kinds of two-sided hard bearing balancing machine with speed sensors, piezoelectric crystal sensors, infrared optical benchmark signals sensor (photoelectric head) and other forms of benchmark signals sensors.


Based on inputting parameters of the rotors, measuring instrument enter to the optional mode.


Measuring instrument can be automatically memorized at each end of measurement, increase efficiency and reduce the balancing intensity, the same can be measured automatically

Automatic parking, greatly improving the efficiency of balance

Balancing speed

180-5000 rpm

Sensitivity system automatically adjusts according to different balancing speed

Measure range


Measure time

Less than three seconds (not including the time to accelerate and brake)

Measure mode

Many calculation of unbalance correction value to index and choose the best correction location. The measured values can be indicated in polar coordinates or in components (3-99 components). The mixed form with polar indication and component indication is available.

Rotor document

The date of approx. 100 rotors required for balancing can be stored and called at any time. The memories are battery-backed, thus the contents is maintained even after switch off of the instrument.

Self-check function

Measuring instrument can self-check with program memory, data storage, display and measurement channel.


90-250V 50/60Hz (Automatic adjustment)

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