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RT 01 B

Balancing Machines for Small Rotors and Complete Assemblies

  • Highest balancing accuracy with soft-bearing design for smallest rotors
  • Complete workplace designed for standing or seated operator
  • Short change over times
  • Directly usable at changing locations without foundation and without srewing up

Range of application

Universal balancing machines series RT are best suited for extremely light rotors such as dental turbines, textile false twist spindles, non-ferrous armatures, rolling-elements, etc. for which the highest level of balancing tolerance is required. They are conceived for use in batch production or in research and development.

The machine is designed for a standing or seated operator and can be used at varying locations.

Change over to other rotor types is possible in very short time through manual action.


Displacement measuring, horizontal balancing machines of tabletop design for standing or seated operator with semi or fully automatic operating sequence.

The machine consists basically of the following main components: work table, mechanical balancing unit with tangential belt drive, measuring unit and control cabinet.

If the machine is to be used for assemblies, the two support pedestals are connected by a frame. An adapter and clamping arrangement is mounted onto this frame for supporting the rotors.

Sequence of operations

  • Manually load the rotor onto the support pedestals and belt drive
  • Close the protective device (if necessary) and start the automatic measuring run: accelerate, measure and display the unbalance on the measuring unit, brake. The display is retained after the measuring run stops.
  • Open the protective device, manually correct the unbalance (if required).
  • Check the result of the unbalance correction (achievement of the tolerance is displayed by the measuring unit) and unload the rotor.

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