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Checking Balancing Machine for crankshafts

Checking Balancing Machine for crankshafts
  • Precision quality control of crankshafts through high quality balancing unit
  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Digital measurement processing
  • Expandable with correction unit

Range of application

Unbalance measuring machine for machined crankshafts. Measurement of the unbalance in two planes, relative to the outside counterweights. Conversion of the unbalance values to other planes is automatically or manually controlled. Can be used for inspection or in production for quality control of balancing machine. Transport of the work-pieces can be manual or by a corresponding lifting device.


Machine with horizontal rotor axis and a balancing unit similar to the type used in transfer balancing machine .coupling-free roller-drive or spindle-drive with a hook adapter. Welded machine base with integrated control cabinet. Safety housing and protective shroud are part of the standard supply.

Microprocessor-controlled measurement equipment for unbalance measurement or correction calculation. Software package are available for component or optimized correction. Other features: operator prompting diagnosis programs, fault display, statistics program and printer interface. Display in German or English; other languages on request.

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