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Balancing Machines for Turbocharger Core Assemblies

  • Fast and precise balancing of turbocharger core assemblies
  • Unbalance correction directly in the machine without unclamping
  • Direct display of measured values in mg and the exact angular position
  • Display of the run-up curve
  • Specific adapters with quickclamping system for many turbocharger types
  • Conformance to CE safety concepts
  • Single-unit housing for minimum space requirement
  • Simple type data selection
  • Rotor-specific calibration
  • Indexing device
  • Oil system with oil heating


In this single unit balancing machine design, all components are combined in one rugged housing. Therefore the machine requires very little floor space for installation.
The CAB 690 measuring unit with monitor and keyboard is specially designed for high-speed balancing, and integrated in the upper part of the machine. The measured values can be displayed in a vector format or in large, easy-to-read numbers. The vector display shows the exact unbalance reduction ratio achieved in a correction step.
The middle part of the machine accommodates the balancing unit with assembly adapter, surrounded by an enclosure to protect the operator in the even of the bursting of the rotor.

Range of application

Measurement and correction of unbalance in fully assembled turbochargers. The machine is designed specifically for the requirements of a repair or overhaul facility. However, it is also ideal for cost-effective balancing in a research and development facility.

Sequence of operations

  • After installing the core assembly, closing the compressor cover and the safety guard, the measuring run can be started. The balance run is quick and easy. After the measuring run, the determined unbalance is shown directly on the monitor with amount and angle. The operator may then carry out the necessary correction by grinding on the compressor nut with a hand grinder. A final check run shows whether the residual unbalance is within the specification or whether a second correction step is necessary.


  • For each core assembly type a calibration can be easily performed and stored in the measuring unit CAB 690. First the run-up curve of the core assembly has to be recorded. This curve will show the  operator the optimum balancing speed. The calibration data determined is stored in the CAB 690 for future balancing runs – up to 100 files are available for rotor data.

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